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Maribeth Jezek

Community Involvement/Art

About Maribeth Jezek

Based in Austin, Texas, Maribeth Jezek has always humbly referred to herself as a wannabe artist. She says she is drawn to the world of creativity and art because she needs to keep her hands busy, but her friends and family have long recognized her as a resourceful and talented individual. When it comes to creating beauty, she is effortlessly able to tap into her creative side, which is also what makes Maribeth such a good negotiator and problem-solver. Even more impressive is the fact that Maribeth is not only capable of creating aesthetically beautiful works of art, but her work also has practical applications. She recently finished a six-stall barn for her horses and added a garage with an office for her husband.

Maribeth Jezek is also a generous philanthropist. Among the many causes that she supports, she is incredibly passionate about ones that protect innocent children. The statistics regarding sex trafficking in Texas are disheartening, according to the Polaris Project. The state of Texas has the second-highest number of reported cases in the United States, well over 80,000 young adults and minors to date. For this reason, Maribeth joined the Austin 20 to fight Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) in and around the city of Austin. Maribeth works tirelessly alongside law enforcement, community leaders, other activists, and compassionate individuals in order to address all aspects of this heinous crime and those who are victims of it, including awareness and education, legislative support that provides assistance to victims and survivors, recovery efforts, mentoring and rehabilitation, and support of other organizations’ work to find a solution.

Maribeth Jezek is also an inventor and a skilled entrepreneur in her spare time. She exemplifies the phrase “see a need, fill a need.” Maribeth exudes the confidence of any CEO as the owner of two firms and one patent. Her determination and skills are shown every day in her businesses, Cross Hollow Creek (CHC) Ranch and Chute Targets, LLC. Her famous chute target resulted from a family outing one evening, enjoying firing guns at targets, the way Texans do. While observing the stationary target, Maribeth had a revolutionary notion and constructed something circular in order to support spherical targets such as watermelons. With this proprietary “dynamic hanging target,” the Chute Target was invented.

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