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Art is a popular side hobby in many individuals’ lives. There are so many different avenues that artists can pursue that it can become challenging to decide where exactly to put their efforts. Whether you’ve begun pursuing your love of art or not, there are plenty of inspiring forms of art to pursue.

Watercolor Painting

Having become popularized throughout the past decade, watercolor painting is an often colorful and expressive art form made of pigment and binder. This unique art form is easy to work with, and while it is often used to create vibrant pieces, neutral colors can also be used to achieve a more unified piece that complements your interior design. These colors often gradually blend into each other and create a beautifully finished piece.


Pottery differs from other art forms in that it is not done on paper or canvas but is instead sculpted by your hands. Most people know what pottery is, but if you’ve perhaps never heard of it, it is the process of making vases and other objects with clay and ceramic materials. After forming the shape together on a pottery wheel, artists transfer their pottery to a kiln, which puts the piece under high temperatures, turning it into a durable piece. The true creatives come up with diverse shapes and designs to include in their pieces, as the pottery can also be painted.


Many individuals may not label it as such, but architecture is a popular form of art since it incorporates intense design and construction. Think of popular structures like the Eiffel Tower, European cathedrals and even modern homes. All of these forms of architecture required a large amount of artistry in order for the project to come to completion. Those that remodel their homes can also be characterized as artists, as they use their personal aesthetics and preferences to design their space.


As you’ve grown older, the chances are that it’s been a long time since you’ve opened a children’s book, unless you have young children of your own. These illustrated books require a great deal of artistic talent. But illustrations do not only have to be used in children’s books and comics. This form of art can also be used to make and sell prints and other designs. A solid career can be made out of this, but it also makes for a fun side hobby.