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With the uncertainty of today’s times, it has never been more essential to support our communities. From neighbors to local businesses, there are so many wonderful ways to show your support and help them thrive.

Being a helpful neighbor

You most likely eat, sleep, and breathe a very short distance from others also trying their best to survive. Get out there and welcome new faces to the neighborhood. Be aware of any elderly or vulnerable people who may need help with daily chores. Ask to walk their dog or mow their grass. There are likely others around you who want to be involved in event planning or hobby clubs. In being a good neighbor, you set yourself up as a trustworthy pillar in the community.

Volunteering and local spending

From food kitchens to park clean-up, volunteers are constantly needed for the upkeep and maintenance of the community. Organize a pet sitting or baby sitting group, mentor or tutor kids on the weekend or spend some time at a shelter in need of hands. There are a multitude of opportunities around you in need of help.

Along with volunteering, make sure you’re spending money at local businesses. Support them through repeat business and good reviews. Local owners are neighbors and deserve the same support and dedication as the people who live right next door.

Research and voting

Concerning larger scale efforts, be aware of the legislation being lobbied and passed in your area. Know what schools, services and taxes are being affected and which representatives are supporting which initiative. Not everyone in the community has the same living situation and while some new bills may not affect you, they may affect those around you for the worse. Organize local groups to discuss upcoming legislation and encourage mass voting. Some people may have difficulties reaching a polling station or being able to maneuver work, but with support and discussion everyone will be able to have their voices heard.

These are just a few of the many ways you can get out there and show how much your care. Our neighborhoods can be the foundations of a wonderful home life with just a little extra supportive care.