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No matter what kind of art you produce, you need to also market and promote it. There was a time when people would flock to art simply because it existed, but that was perhaps decades ago. Now, given how much more art is being produced than ever before, and given the utter inundation of marketing throughout the digital world, you have to do anything you can to stand out from the crowd. That means knowing how to promote your art in your own community.

The first thing you can do is to develop a robust portfolio as an artist. In doing this, you develop a brand that allows you to package all of your art. Visual reproductions are essential whenever possible to register with potential viewers and clients.

Secondly, put the power of the digital age to work in using the online world to market yourself and your art. You need an artist page or website as your central calling card. Also, online galleries have taken off, especially because of the global pandemic.

Enter into art competitions. These are great opportunities for emerging artists to get exposure. You can get crucial feedback about your art and see where you stand against your peers. Many artists have been discovered or launched by such events.

Network all you can. You need many personal and professional connections to find opportunities to promote your art that you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Community activity and outreach always help. Volunteer. Donate to charity auctions. Connect with local schools. Anytime you deal with people in your local area, be ready to offer a business card, entertaining information about what you do, and a chance for them to join your mailing list.

If need be, just hook up with a promotional gallery. Emerging artists can always use a boost from such services.

It might seem like other artists hit career highlights overnight after being ‘found’ or going viral on social media, but those moments usually only happen to those who have been consistently putting in effort for months or even years. Leaving no stone unturned is the only way to make sure you don’t miss your moment to shine and become one of the known artists whose works delight the world’s eyes.