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Start With Simple Colors

Create color palettes and mock up colors that you want to use in your paintings. If you create a new palette on you can save it and use it as a starting point to create your painting.

Don’t Forget Volume

The great thing about watercolor painting is that if you want to create a flat image you can use watercolors that are lighter in tone. But to make a watercolor feel more like fabric you can paint slightly darker and lighter colors to achieve greater tones. This is how you can create eye-catching eye candy that works beautifully for your walls or even your baby nursery.

Use Thickness in Your Paint

Don’t just paint thin, messy and water-logged paint. Use paint in thinner than your hand so that you can really build up the paint. When painting thick you can cut corners with paint if you really want to make your paintings easy to apply. But a thick, dense paint also makes it really hard for your brush to work and creates a fuzzy image. But you can use paint in a way that works with your brush. For instance you could paint your flat image to see how the paint moves and if you like the way the paint moves in your hand you can add paint and use your brush to build up that paint to create a thick and matte paint.

Don’t Forget Rows and Lanes

A good watercolor painting is a 3-dimensional image. Paint a flat image and then add depth by using overlapping colors. You can also paint multiple rows that span the width of the canvas and then paint a smaller area inside each row. Use smaller areas and repeat to create more depth. You can also use this technique to create a 3-dimensional image like a floor or a piece of art that is layered with color on top of each other.

Treat Your Paint Like You Would Your Body

If you treat paint like paint and mix water and paint in a bowl using your hand like you would paint your body, the paint will not be sticky or soft. You can apply paint to a canvas or a wall and it won’t stick to your fingers. This will also help you create realistic paintings that look just like fabric.